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Keep the FUN in Fundraising - 7 Quick & Easy Ideas for PTA Events

Summer vacation is over, and we welcome all the kids, teachers and parents back to school. It’s also time to start thinking about Parent Teacher Association (PTA) events and fundraising plans. Here are a few fun, quick and easy ideas for your next PTA events.

  1. Back To School Party - Why not start the year off with a bang? This allows everyone to get to know each other, catch up on summer adventures and set the tone for the great school year ahead. Rent a BBQ grill, a bouncy castle, bubble machine, popcorn and cotton candy machine and you have an instant party.

  2. Halloween Party - While the kids are dressed as their favorite character, add a fog machine and some spooky snacks (popcorn and cotton candy for sale) for a memorable Halloween event.

  3. Fun Fridays - As a part of your fundraising initiatives, why not sell popcorn or cotton candy on a fun Friday. I’m sure the kids would appreciate the gesture with their pocket change in tow.

  4. International Food Night - With dishes from around the world, prepared by the school population, this is a great fundraiser and social. We have chaffing dishes, drink fountains and other goodies to help make this event a success.

  5. Movie Night - Imagine a night under the stars, watching a movie that the entire family can enjoy. As the evenings are cooling down, this is a perfect fundraiser event for the school or PTA. Grab our popcorn machine, our movie projector and movie screen and you’re ready to go. Add chairs and a tent for ambiance.

  6. Sports Days - Parents love to spend the day cheering on their favorite ‘House team’. A great fundraiser could be the sale of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, popcorn (popcorn machine), tea (hot water urn), drinks (coolers) and tents and chairs for the teams. We even have a PA system.

  7. And we can't forget School Fairs - We have lots of great games, a dunk tank, bouncy castles, food machines and the like to assist with making one of the biggest fundraising events a success.

Wishing your school and your children continued growth and success.

Have an event idea and you're curious if we have what you need? Call us at 292-7172 or visit us at 18 Bakery Lane in Pembroke, or check out our website at



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