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The Bermuda Rentals' Holiday Packages Are Here!

We're so excited to announce our 3 new Holiday Party Packages! We've designed each Holiday Party Package to suit any size celebration while saving you money!

Bermuda Rental Ltd's 3 new Holiday Packages

The Chick Cocktail Party Holiday Package from Bermuda Rentals Ltd


Introducing our Chic Cocktail Party package! Turn your holiday event into a stylish and unforgettable gathering with our curated selection.

Enjoy cocktails around our sleek cocktail tables, perfect for sparking those festive conversations. Our sturdy, 8-seater rectangle tables are perfect for a sit-down meal under the twinkling LED café lights.

Keep your guests comfortable with our cozy patio heaters and ensure a delightfully warm ambiance. Our foldable MITY chairs offer both elegance and comfort.

Cater to a crowd with our large chafing dishes and hot water urn, and add a dash of whimsy with our unique snow machine. We even provide the snow machine fluid! To complete the look, we offer white spandex for the cocktail tables, creating a sophisticated aesthetic.

This package includes both delivery and pick up, saving you the hassle during this busy season. The Chic Cocktail Party package is sure to make your holiday event a memorable one.

See what's included:

  • 5 Cocktail Tables

  • 5 White Spandex for Cocktail Table

  • 2 Rectangle Table 8 Seats

  • 15 Foldable MITY Chairs

  • 2 Led Café Lights

  • 2 Patio Heaters + Propane Tank

  • 2 Large Chaffing Dish

  • 1 Hot Water Urn

  • 1 Snow Machine

  • 1 Snow Machine Fluid

  • Delivery & Pick Up included

A value of over $800 for only $695 per day!


The Elegant Dinner Party Holiday Package from Bermuda Rentals Ltd


Elevate your upcoming holiday gathering with our Elegant Dinner Party package. This comprehensive package is thoughtfully curated to host up to 50 guests.

Featuring an option of 5 rectangle tables seating 10 guests each, or 5 round tables for a more intimate setting, we ensure everyone is comfortably accommodated. Our additional 2 eight-seater rectangle tables provide added flexibility for seating arrangement.

The package includes 50 foldable chairs, complete with white covers for a touch of sophistication. Our dining setup includes lunch plates, and salad plates for variety. Cutlery is also included with knives, forks, and spoons for each guest. Add a splash of color to your tables with our red and white napkins, available in equal numbers.

Create the perfect festive ambiance with our LED café lights. For beverage service, we have you covered with a hot water urn and a beverage dispenser, allowing a variety of drink options for your guests.

We make your planning easy with delivery and pick up included in the package. So, host your holiday event in grand style with the Elegant Dinner Party package, and let us handle the details.

See what's included:

  • 5 Rectangle Table (seats 10) OR 5 Round Tables (seats 10)

  • 2 Rectangle Table (seats 8)

  • 50 Folding Chairs

  • 50 White Chair Covers

  • 50 Lunch Plates

  • 50 Salad plates

  • 50 Knives

  • 50 Forks

  • 50 Spoons

  • 25 Red Napkins

  • 25 White napkins

  • 2 Led Café Lights

  • 1 Hot Water Urn

  • 1 Beverage Dispenser

  • Delivery & Pick Up included

A value of over $1200 for only $850!


The Under the Stars Party Holiday Package from Bermuda Rentals Ltd


Introducing the Under the Stars Party holiday package turning your holiday gathering into a night to remember.

This grand package caters to up to 100 guests, featuring an option of 10 rectangle tables seating 10 guests each, or 10 round tables for adding diversity to your seating arrangement.

We haven't forgotten about the smaller gatherings either, with 3 additional eight-seater rectangle tables also included. Our 100 foldable MITY chairs embody both style and comfort, accommodating all your guests with ease.

But the night is about more than just sitting and dining, it's about creating a magical atmosphere. Our two patio heaters will ensure everyone stays warm and cozy under the starlit sky while our LED café lights add a soft, enchanting glow to the surroundings.

Add a sweet touch to your event with our small chocolate fountain, a delight for both kids and adults alike. Our beverage dispenser allows for a variety of drink options, and to truly make it a winter wonderland, we even include a snow machine with snow machine fluid!

Rest assured, we’ve got all the logistics handled with delivery and pick up included in the package. Make your holiday event a magical night under the stars with the Under the Stars Party package.

See what's included:

  • 10 Rectangle Table (seats 10) OR 10 Round Tables (seats 10)

  • 3 Rectangle Table (seats 8)

  • 100 Folding Chairs MITY

  • 2 Patio Heaters + Propane Tank

  • 1 Small Chocolate Fountain

  • 1 Beverage Dispenser

  • 1 Snow Machine

  • 1 Snow Machine Fluid

  • 2 Led Café Lights

  • Delivery & Pick Up included

A value of over $1270 for only $1050!


Questions? We're happy to hear from you! Give us a call at 292-7172 or send us an email at today!



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