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Lighting - Disco Ball

Lighting - Disco Ball

  • Perfect for any occasion! Birthday party, disco, bar, skating rink, banquet, family gathering, wedding, public plaza, hotel, Karaoke, concerts and other entertainment venues.
  • Sound Activated, you can choose from 3 Music Modes 
    • Music 1: Light up and change colours according to the rhythm of the surrounding sound
    • Music 2: Automatically light up when there is no sound, colour changes quickly when there is sound
    • Music 3: When there is no sound, the light slowly changes colour and stops rotating.  When there is sound, the light flashes, rotates and changes colour.
  • Can be projected on the wall, on the ground, or on the ceiling.
  • Controlled via remote control.
  • Easy to install and covers a wide range: Can be placed on the table, on the ground, or hung from the ceiling. These lights cover an area of 150 square feet to 300 square feet at a height of 10 feet.



PRICING PROVIDED IS PER DAY. Some items may not be exactly as shown.

DELIVERY & LABOUR FEES:  Please note that Delivery and Labour Fees may apply based on your requirements for your rental booking.  We will provide pricing when we contact you to confirm the availability of your items.

CLEANING FEES: Items must be returned in the same condition as it was at pick up, otherwise, a cleaning fee may apply. 

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