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Lighting - Black Light

Lighting - Black Light

Whether you're looking to throw an awesome black light party, decorate for Halloween, create a unique atmosphere for a restaurant, get your large outdoor space glowing in the dark, decorate for a themed event, DJ party, or stage performance - this black light has got you covered.


  • With 120W high-intensity LEDs, this black light can illuminate up to a 1500 ft² area, making it perfect for large indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Constructed with top-quality materials, the waterproof grade of the black lights is IP66, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Suitable for outdoor use.
  • The wavelength of this black light is 385-400nm, which can produce a fluorescence effect that's harmless to your eyes.  It works well with most fluorescent dyes, fluorescent paints, black light posters, black light tapestries, etc., suitable for glow parties and fluorescent displays.
  • Plug and play, convenient control by on/off switch.


* Luminous power: 120W;

* Input Voltage: AC 120V / 50-60Hz;

* Power Cord Length: 10Ft/3M;

* Waterproof: IP66;

* Beam Angle: 120 degrees;

* Material: Aluminum + Tempered Glass;

* Working environment:-20~85℃;45%~95% RH;

* Each Flood Light Coverage Area: 1500 square feet

* Wavelength: 385-400nm




PRICING PROVIDED IS PER DAY. Some items may not be exactly as shown.

DELIVERY & LABOUR FEES:  Please note that Delivery and Labour Fees may apply based on your requirements for your rental booking.  We will provide pricing when we contact you to confirm the availability of your items.

CLEANING FEES: Items must be returned in the same condition as it was at pick up, otherwise, a cleaning fee may apply. 

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