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How Power Washing Can Help You Clean This Spring

Spring is not only a perfect time to tidy inside your home, but it's also a great time to clean the exterior of your home.

When you start your spring cleaning, think about which areas you should focus on first. Since you most likely won't finish all your spring cleaning in one go, you can start by identifying the most visible places and cleaning those areas first. The good news is, these are typically the areas where a power washer can be your best cleaning helper.


Your walkways are one of the first things your guests see when they visit your home, so power washing your walkways to remove grime and debris can be a quick checkmark off your spring cleaning list.

Exterior Walls and Roof

During the winter, your home's exterior tends to build up layers of debris and grime. With a power washer, you can cut through these layers easily and get them off the surface. Getting this done can be quite satisfying as it visibly lets the beauty of your home come through.


Windows are another component of your home that may easily become dirty in the winter. By removing dust from the surface, more natural light enters your property, and also improves its curb appeal. Note: Use soft washing techniques to clean your windows so it doesn't harm delicate surfaces.


The driveway can get filthy since every time you return home, your tires track dirt onto its surface. Power washing is an excellent way to get rid of the dirt, mud, and grease that builds up on this frequently used area.

Patios, Verandas, and Porches

Patios and porches are favourite spots to host visitors, but since these areas are outside, they are constantly exposed to the external elements and tend to accumulate dust and dirt. Power wash your patios and porches to quickly get them guest ready.

Fencing and Gateposts

Keeping your fences and gateposts clean will give your property the best first impression. Power washing your fences and gateposts is a quick and easy way to remove layers of dirt and grime.

Keeping your home's exterior tidy can go a long way towards improving its curb appeal. A power washer is the ideal cleaning partner to get your outdoor space clean and ready for the season. Bermuda Rentals Ltd offers a selection of power washers to suit your cleaning needs.

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