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Host A Dinner Party With Us!

Who likes dinner parties? We do ! It's a perfect way to host an office holiday party, to celebrate a milestone, or to simply enjoy some great food with good company .

With our turnkey Dinner Party Package, all you need to add are the guests and the cuisine! Don't feel like cooking? We can connect you with talented private chefs who enjoy dinner parties as much as we do.

Our Dinner Party Package includes:

  • 2 large tables + linens

  • 1 8ft rectangular table + linens

  • 20 chairs

  • 20 dinner plates + salad plates

  • 20 knives + forks + spoons + napkins

  • 1 48" Crown Verity Grill

  • 3 chaffing dishes

  • Delivery & Setup

All this for only $625 ( you save $140)!

Get a head start on your holiday party planning - book your Dinner Party Package today!



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