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Be Ready...After the Storm!

Are you prepared for a hurricane's aftermath? Here are some tips on how you and your family can be ready for the mess that a hurricane brings with help from Bermuda Rentals Ltd.

Be Ready...After the Storm in Bermuda!
Photo credit: Brian Roy Rosen

Whenever Bermuda’s residents are faced with an oncoming hurricane so much of our emphasis and energy is put into battening down the hatches, making sure our loved ones and possessions are safe and secure. This is extremely important.

However, anyone who has lived through a hit from a hurricane knows that the aftermath is often just as taxing. With roads closed and power and water out, it takes time and the right tools to get our lives back up and running.

This is where Bermuda Rentals Ltd can be a huge help. The business is built on providing exactly the type of equipment you are likely to need but might not own yourself.

Keep the power.

Back up generators can make sure your fridges and freezers stay cold and the lights and fans stay on, you may even grab a quick shower! Bermuda Rentals Ltd offers a wide selection of generators that's right for your needs. Our generators are in high demand before and after a hurricane, so we recommend you book early to make sure one is reserved for you.

Clean up quick.

Between the strength of the wind and the sticky salt air, the leaves that are stripped off our trees end up stuck to our walls, patios and roofs. Even if you have power, and therefore water pressure, this is no job for a garden hose. A power washer, however, is more than up to the task. Pick up one from Bermuda Rentals Ltd for a quick and effective clean up job.


Trees are often the hardest hit by storm force winds with branches and sometimes entire trees strewn across our yards and the roads that lead to our homes. A high quality chainsaw will make sure you clear the way quickly and efficiently.

Safety Tip! Please remember when using a chainsaw safety is of the utmost concern and of course do not attempt to free fallen trees or branches from power lines, leave that job to the professionals at BELCO.

Work tidy.

Debris, branches and leaves will create quite the pile as you clean them up and getting rid of that pile can be as much work as creating it. Fortunately, Bermuda Rentals Ltd carries Bag It, a construction grade canvas sack that comes in three sizes and can carry up to 2 tons of waste.

Simply lay the Bag It out, fill it up and call Bermuda Rentals Ltd to come and pick it up. Working tidy has never been more simple or effective.

Outdoor cooking.

With the power out, a top quality gas barbeque is a must have. Bermuda Rental’s sister company, Ultimate Grills, carries a range of Crown Verity grills that are more akin to an outdoor kitchen than traditional BBQ. Pilot light ignition, superior temperature control and adaptable cooking functionality mean that after the storm, and the clean-up, you can enjoy the meal you crave and deserve. Reminder: We also have medium and large capacity coolers/ice chests to keep your food fresh until the power comes back on.

With hurricane season upon us it is important to plan ahead and be prepared, not just for when the storm hits, but its aftermath as well. The incredible variety and quality of home improvement equipment carried by the new and improved Bermuda Rentals Ltd can help ensure your life will be back up and running in no time at all.



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